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Thats the least to say… about my country’s current state of affairs. Well, like many in the SL blogosphere, who shout out “injustice”, “criminal”, “unfair”, I too am like a lonely candle, just burning away my wax.. [Am I sounding poetic?]

Well, the aristocracy in this country [what? You thought we were democratic?] is reaching new levels and brotherly love is they way to dominate and rule. Not much that we can do about it. Considering the families that we have, the mouths to feed, its best to not see things that are so obvious.

The next thing to exploding bombs, that people are afraid of are white vans. Seriously.. just can’t tell when that speeding white van stops infront of you, some hefty fellows jump out and take you for a heart warming get-together in hell.

Its all in the papers, the news.. its a media bloom I tell ya.. Never has the media rights been violated so much, never have injustices taken place in plain sight and never before so published. There was a time when a scandoulous news report brought many to kneel before the courts, many a time when a harasment dealt with a single whim of a news paper reporter… not anymore. You can shout ALL you want, but there’s no shame in it anymore.. infact its more publicity. “DO AS WE SAY or else……”. The shouting press, the media frenzy, just serves someone’s purpose…

Well, democratically elected aristocracy is probably a first time thing in this world… A new phenomenon… probably following the old saying… if you can’t beat them, join them. So the political scientists must be dying to come to SL these days… SUCH rare insights into a new world ruling.. no.. world domination theory : ‘Grab all you can, while the sun shines. If people shout…’ What people? where?


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