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You can fool someone all the time, but you can’t fool everyone all the time.. In a country, where  computer literacy is at 10% (literacy assumed by just asking if people knew “about at least one use/application of computers“). In reality, actual computer literacy, which I would define as the know-how to independently use an application for one’s personal benefit, like typing a letter in Microsoft word, using the internet etc., with today’s easily navigable operating systems is way below 5%. Most of this will be from the Western Province. People using internet on a regular basis will be an even smaller percentage of the latter. So the steps to stop pornography over the internet (assuming it was even remotely possible) is so dumb.

The only sanctions the Government has is to force the Internet Service Providers to block the sites, which number more than the computer literate people in SL. Assuming, that will be done, there are a hundred other ways legally possible to access blocked sites.

What amuses me is that this info really gets to people not so enlightened about technology. For example, for the educated, but not so internet capable school teacher, large headlines in the local papers announcing the clamp of pornography over the Internet is a great sigh of relief. Such people are many. But today’s discoveries were yesterday’s myths and will be tomorrow’s common knowledge. So while the school teacher sleeps, his / her children will easily find out ways to access the so called forbidden lands.

I ask the same question as Mr. Rohan Samarajeeva at LIRNEasia.net. In addition to cinemas’ there are plenty of other ways in Sri Lanka to get your hand on a tape or two. Let’s be honest.. suppressing children not to watch something or not to do something only feeds their curiosity. But many an educated teacher fails to see this. This is the same for adults. How hard is it to keep a diabetic away from sugar? Paradoxically, something that you need to live, could cause your fall if not controlled. Its the same with everything, and the sooner a kid learns this, the better. I’m not implying that pornography is a something you need to live, but reproduction is, and I haven’t seen any other country carry the torch for “secretive sex” like Sri Lanka. Its ok to do it, but you dare imply it. Then, comes the worst part… they drag Buddhism into it.

Buddha never dictated out laws. He preached of the middle path. He preached advice. His preachings were to help people realize that there was black and white. Without knowledge of what is black, you can never really know what is white. The choice of accepting either is totally yours and according are the consequences.

But today, the black and white are all mixed up.. for personal benefits of course.. all we see is a darkening cloud of grey.


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I guess I’m not a great blogger, but I have my reasons… Legitimate ones at that. However, there are just somethings you have to let out, but no one around you is interested in (or has the time for it) anymore. So then i turn to this blog.

I’ve learned a lot from experience than from books, though my profession deals a lot with harbouring knowledge taken from books. Yet nothing makes me a better worker than handling a situation hard on, than reading about it or taking notes. This exposes me to the vulnarability of luck, and in the dark moments of “I haven’t seen / done this before” I assume the best for my patients, adhering to protocol (rules) and hoping for the best.

This includes a lot of headaches, and more fire than glory. So why put up with it? Well, it all comes down to what your made off.. how you’re wired.. and what you can put up with.

Nobility at work is one virtue I look out for in anyone. It’s comforting to know that that person behind the desk, or at any form of service to others does it not because of the pay, but to do a service and do it good. To be noble at work is to take pride in what you do, and to do it with confidence. It does not incur that we have to be flawless at work. Being human means to falter somewhere or the other. It’s inevitable. Yet, realizing your error and taking measures not to repeat it, and oversee such similar errors in the making is the most integral part of being noble at work.

It’s with all this in the back of my head, that I stumbled upon a film on TV. “The Guardian” was the name and it’s all what I have said above.

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Well, I know many share this same feeling with me… Some just continue with their miserable lives ‘cos they haven’t seen any better… so its a blessing for them I guess, while for the people who have seen and experienced life in other continents.. Sri Lanka IS HELL!

Hey, I’m patriotic, and don’t anybody say otherwise, but there is that limit that even patriotism can’t subdue! “A Paradise like no other” seems quite ironical now, doesn’t it!

I mean other countries have gone through severe reformation and revolution one after the other, faced world wars and still manage to maintain a descent civilized social and economical balance for its people to thrive in…

We had no major revolutions nor had we faced the World wars to its full extent, and we barely fought for our freedom in comparison with our neighbours… so everything just got served up in a silver platter..

However the fuel for the MIG’s (i’m not going to talk about how those MIG’s got to SL, simply cos no one knows) and the big (family) crowd at the parliament living off a luxury life… seems to be making rather large dents in many a persons purse.

SO.. Work your butt off… Slave at work. WALK TO WORK, ‘cos unless they invent cars that run on urine, you can’t afford to buy Petrol. Start growing manioc in your back yards. You can’t afford to buy bread. Start raising cattle, milk is not for our budgets either.

For a country that’s supposed to follow the Metta (maithri – friendship), Muditha (sence of appreciation), Karuna (compassion) and Upeksha (equanimity in the face of the fluctuations of worldly fortune), I think we have FAILED!

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Hello again..

I just couldn’t take it anymore! I had to write it out in my blog and get it over with!!! (mind you, the satisfaction of thousands of people reading my woes, gives a whole new kink into blogging)

So here’s my Prob! I have Yucky Relatives!

Darn those blood suckers! All they want is your blood. You never seem to be alright (or even closely ok) for them. So what you ask? We’ll its just when they want something… Oh the buttering starts.

I mean you have to be an idiot to fall for that butter.. You pretty well know, these people don’t give a damn about you.. Your good as dead to them.. But when they want something done.. Oh they know how to suck!

In a land where the earth on which Doctors walk are worshiped, having a doctor as a relation does have its up sides. Well these blood suckers have been haunting me and draining me ALL WEEK. They hadn’t even been close… But they had searched me although the hospital, and finally surprised me 5 days back.

Trust me, the way they pounced at me I thought somebody was already dead!.. But all it turned out to be was a minor surgical operation in the septum of the nose… Ok, so I look into the patient ( my newly found niece, still unconscious), talk with the ward doctors, everything seems ok.

At lunch I meet up with the newly found relatives and give them the good news ( nothing was bad, so I consider it good news). “She should recover fully in 3 days”, I blabber away.. actually thinking of what would be served for lunch..
So I’m finally convinced, they won’t bother me.. But I WAS SO SO SO SO SO WRONG!

It was some reason or the other. They made a good job hauling me out of my work 3 or 4 times a day. I mean its ok if the patient was critical.. and besides ENT was never my side of medicine. It was either her husband wanted to meet up with me, or her far distant uncle had just drove 800 km just to see her and wanted a rundown on matters from me, or she had farted, or her left eye was smaller than the right, or she wasn’t in the mood for a meal… HOLY COW!!! I mean, you gotta give me a break!

I fled as soon as I could get someone to replace me. I didn’t think twice. Creeps! Why do we put up with them! And I’m making sure she’s left before I even step in that hospital again!

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Hello ppl,

Its been a long day (and another sleepless night). My fav serials have all come to the end of their seasons (Lost, Grey’s Anatomy and House MD) and they all have left me with nothing but more questions and the notion of “when will they start again?”

Funny how you those serials keep you on edge while your watching them, addicted but always stop, leaving you pondering what next… I think that’s their catch…

Anyways, I’m feeling more depressed than ever. But I have to keep my head up. All around me look up to me and that’s tough. You’re at life’s beck and call and you have to be the moral support for your family. Living in Sri Lanka makes its double hard. Wish they sold guts in vending machines… not that it would be a possibility in SL anyway..

No seriously, trying to live life here is way tough. The reasons follow:

  • Economically, life is becoming impossible! :- Bread is already becoming a luxury food, I don’t remember the last time I went to McDonalds, eating thrice a day will soon become a luxury too.
  • Socially repressed! :- There really is not much freedom to do “anything” you want anymore ‘cos somebody won’t like it and will do everything they can to stop you. If he’s a big shot – you’ll definitely end up dead floating in some swamp, if he’s not.. you’ll end up with a black eye.
  • Culturally Overwhelmed :- Oh anything and everything ends up screwing our culture! I mean its like some idiot made up the rules so that we would end fighting amongst ourselves always. In SL, its like “somethings” HAVE to be done a certain way (doesn’t matter if your poor or rich) or your not Sri Lankan anymore. This “somethings” apply to EVERYTHING!

Life is already a handful without the above aspects. But hey, nobody wants to make it easier. So they make sure its HELL for ALL. If there’s one thing a Sri Lankan hates – that’s another Sri Lankan getting all the cake or the Best part of the cake without him getting any! He just can’t stand it. So he’ll concoct some plan devious enough to make sure the guy who ate the cake dies after eating the damned cake and wished he never ate it! And the guy who ate the cake, now suffering from food poisoning would think “I’m gonna die, someone wants to kill me. I should offer this cake to my enemies!”

Over exaggerating? Nope.. Tell me if you think otherwise

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So today I’m going to tell you about some facts that I face on a daily basis. No it’s not about the parliament, it’s not about the other various atrocities in SL, its as the name suggests.. (literally) the poisons our people take.

I work in a poison research group and stationed a bit far off.. I NEVER expected such a workload when I started out, but now have gotten used to it.

The list topper is AGROCHEMICALS. Then comes Oleander, then various tablet poisonings, then comes GOD KNOWS WHAT.

Ok, so I guess this ain’t everybody’s plate, but if I didn’t have this in my blog… it’d be a shame..

Agrochemicals consumed by our people are mainly centered on Organophospate poisonings (cos those are the stuff mainly sold). There are several other groups, but they are rare, for example Paraquat and Diquat. Although they have been in fashion a few years back..

Oleander is the non-harmless tree with cute yellow/pink flowers.. The seeds (& all parts of the plant) .. deadly.. well it varies actually. It has chemicals which can alter the pacing of the heart. Nonetheless its also famous.

Tablet poisonongs: Here the list topper is Paracetamol. Yep, and it is quite toxic. Easily accessible (practically sold in every shop or grocery), then comes all the other common meds.

Once in a while there’s the Kerosene oil poisonings.. but they are becoming rare, guess due to the increasing fuel prices..

Ok so how many patients do we get on a daily basis? It varies again… Could be none, to about 10 a day.. Naturally, the degree of poisoning also varies as many are brought in unconscious, some feel ashamed, some still want to die, some want to live, some keep lying, etc etc.

A reason of as why these people go for the extended trouble logs at the back of my head. So I’ve basically grouped the poisons with reasons for taking it. Please note: these are only MY observations.

Agrochemicals : Due to an instant high peaked distress / emotion. Rarely contemplated. The higher the amplitude of emotion.. the higher the dose taken, the lesser chances of survival. From an actual account , a person told me that he hesitated after the first gulp, but felt dying was better and drank the rest. Males more inclined than females. Rarely accidental, and dose ingested is minute.

Oleander : Due to a long persistent distress / emotion, with small peaks once in a while. Always contemplated. VERY RARELY accidental, if so dose ingested is minute. Equal popularity with males and females. Unlike in Agrochemicals, no direct correlation between amount ingested and toxicity. No severe side effects like in Agrochemical poisoning, but the heart may stop beating suddenly.

Tablet Poisoning: Various medications have various side effects. Paracetamol is extremely harmful to the Liver. Patients die with Liver failure. More popular among females, its the usual after a fight with a lover, spouse etc. Tablets may be taken for any distress/emotion, short termed, or long termed. Could be contemplated.

Kerosene Oil : Harmless if not vomited! This is something the general public does not know. It may give rise to gastritis or ulcers, but no immediate treat to life. Popular among females. Never contemplated, but may be due to a long or short term distress /emotion.

Still, I ponder WHY? Why does anyone want to die like this? I mean the suffering is immense. The moral aspect is overwhelming! Sometimes I feel these people are SO sensitive.. thet can’t handle it. It’s not wrong to be sensitive.. but you have to learn to vent it out sometimes. The financial side also plays an integral part.

One interesting fact is that, even though penny less, they always buy the bottle of poison. Never for debt!

Naturally, saving these patients is very costly! (Oh and don’t think, “how can they think of money when it comes to a person’s life..” cos the antidotes for some drugs are well over one hundred thousand rupees for a course of treatment). As it is, the local hospitals are well overburdened!

Nonetheless, we do take care of them. We try our best, with what we have. Some days are just longer than others. Sometimes its just freaking hard to keep a straight mind and be objective. Sometimes I prefer not to feel.

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I know the Cricket world cup is over.. but I felt it wasn’t over till I said what’s on my mind.. I mean I don’t know about you folks not in SL at the moment, but the tension, the fear, the excitement (not mine..obviously) was astounding!!

I like cricket (pls note how I refrained using the word “love”). I truly do. Its a nice game that has tact, luck and challenge all bundled up together. Some matches are THE BORE of the ear, but some do keep you on the edge of the seat.

But what makes us (SRI LANKAN CRICKET FANS) soooo different from others..

Well obviously no body got a heart attack after we lost a match or two.. (well none was reported at least), no one tried to fry the cricketers houses and family for not bringing home the cup…, no one cared about the newly adapted “drop home made bombs from our kinky plane” the LTTE was carrying out., and wait till you hear this… the local cafeteria lady promised us all free lunches if SL won the finals!!!

Where in the world can you find such deep enthusiasm… such passion.. Oh and this is great.. Just before the match ITN, the other really old channel was showing a program where they encouraged all the people island wide to light a candle or a lamp, in hope of victory…

Don’t get me wrong… but I’m a libra.. and as my scales wobble.. i nearly gagged when i saw that last bit about “lighting a candle for victory”.. Its not the lightning a candle part either.. it has some deep roots which lead to the Buddhist philosopy of “Chethana”. But all this for a cricket game? I would have understood if they asked this for the staving people in Jaffna.. (The only remedy for starvation is FOOD, but lighting a candle for their suffering justifies my logic).

I mean, for crying out loud… ITS ONLY ANOTHER FREAKING GAME…

This whole cricket frenzy was planned way ahead by the media.. They basically turn anything into a fiasco these days. They organized and then made sure they televised personnel interviews with the players, religious ceremonies for the team, press conferences, then the there was the “let all the athletes and tv stars congratulate the team by phone” hype..

All this for what? A match that was delayed due to rain, overs limited to below 30, a soggy ground and rain when SL was batting.. SOUNDS LIKE A COMPLETE WASH OUT TO ME.. (that’s me imitating Gregory House from House M.D.)

Bottom line: This is a outline of Sri Lankanism because… we really forget what our priorities are. Cricket is a great sport and all, but there are so many things ALREADY neglected. If everything was picture perfect, then I’m wrong.. Never should we act like some people do in certain countries and threaten or harm the players, burn effigies, etc.. BUT to do what is due for what is worth is not on everybody’s mind in SL. All they want is funky magic.. The world cup won, the war settled, the rupee higher than the dollar.

And some idiots make posters like this.. OH THE NERVE… Some duffus thinks by emphasizing the ethnicity and religion of our cricket players, he can get amnesty to lay off, settle the war and freaking get laid???

I’m mean just look at the ad.. its basically instigating at the emphasis of ethnicity.. If ethnicity is to be truly undermined, people should loose the idea that someone is tamil, some moor and someone else is sinhala.. Between countries its different.. But as one one country.. why sub divide..

But then again Sri Lankanism… only from the “land like no other”

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