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Have been so, because I just haven’t had anything to say. Best to shut up then. Sometimes, its best to to just blink at the world. The least  you involve yourself with worldly matters, the saner you will remain. Not that it is always possible.

Like to recommend the two following films.

21 Grams – Naturally one would think this a film about drugs. Nope. But you have to see it. Has an ad hoc nature of displaying the events, but ultimately you do sympathise with the film. Much of the stuff shown are real today. Nominated for several awards in 2003.

Lastly King Arthur, the more realistic version of who he was and why he fought. “The Director’s Cut” verison is what I saw, and its a lot more blood and gore than the usual. Lancelot, and the gang. Friendship. Fighting for what is yours by right. Its just how you choose to go about them.

So, back off to continue in my silence. Because I know, just as Silence comes after a Storm, I should expect the latter soon…


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