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Yes, the dufus that I am, I was wondering why NOBODY left any comments lately [good or bad], and feeling kinda repressed and alienated, no more than I usually am, I guess it was sheer desperation that lead me to check the freaking settings tab in my admin panel.. only to be assured that yes I am a dufus indeed.

Sorry folks for all the times you wanted to shout out at me but I had so egoistically left you no option to leave a comment.


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Field Work

Hi all,

So just got home after work. This time I’ve been assigned to a gruesome 2 weeks of field-work.. yep you heard me right.. Certain doctors have to visit patients at home. This is practically unheard of in SL, but its especially important for Poison research, etc etc.

So as I head out, I’m thinking.. “hey how hard can it be… find an address.. speak with the folk.. come back home”

Well it was not to be…

I had 5 patients on the list that day. So I arrange them according to the nearest first (as I saw rain clouds approaching far away), and start off. The meeting with the first 2 patients went quite well actually, and needless to say the folk were quite surprised to see a visiting doctor.

So I set off to the 3rd Patient… No one seems to know the guy.. never heard of him.. Just when I thought this was like eating marshmellows.. I come to the conclusion that its a bogus address.

15kms later I reach the far distant village of the 4th patient on my list. As I ask around for directions, ppl seem to be puzzled. Some even start to follow me.. jeez what’s all the fuzz? Finally the answer comes in the form of a weeping mother. The patient, a 16 year old girl, had not made it. She was buried a month ago, and this day was exactly one month from her death. people had gathered for the traditional Arms giving (“danae“), and into this frying pan had I jumped with questions that I were supposed to ask the diseased. Sensing the un-easyness, I did speak with the mother alone and quickly made plans to remove myself from the place. This is because, village people bear a grudge sometimes. Due to some weird reason, if we are not able to save their beloved kin.. they think we have to pay..

So I managed to get out in one piece. Now already tired and my heart heavy for the weeping mother I set out fto meet the last patient. Turned out to be another bogus address..

Needless to say I was worn out when I returned..

This job has its ups and downs, and many a time I have wondered why I keep up with it.. I mean, sometimes you wish you could turn certain things around, only to face a whole lot more crap from another side..

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Hello again..

I just couldn’t take it anymore! I had to write it out in my blog and get it over with!!! (mind you, the satisfaction of thousands of people reading my woes, gives a whole new kink into blogging)

So here’s my Prob! I have Yucky Relatives!

Darn those blood suckers! All they want is your blood. You never seem to be alright (or even closely ok) for them. So what you ask? We’ll its just when they want something… Oh the buttering starts.

I mean you have to be an idiot to fall for that butter.. You pretty well know, these people don’t give a damn about you.. Your good as dead to them.. But when they want something done.. Oh they know how to suck!

In a land where the earth on which Doctors walk are worshiped, having a doctor as a relation does have its up sides. Well these blood suckers have been haunting me and draining me ALL WEEK. They hadn’t even been close… But they had searched me although the hospital, and finally surprised me 5 days back.

Trust me, the way they pounced at me I thought somebody was already dead!.. But all it turned out to be was a minor surgical operation in the septum of the nose… Ok, so I look into the patient ( my newly found niece, still unconscious), talk with the ward doctors, everything seems ok.

At lunch I meet up with the newly found relatives and give them the good news ( nothing was bad, so I consider it good news). “She should recover fully in 3 days”, I blabber away.. actually thinking of what would be served for lunch..
So I’m finally convinced, they won’t bother me.. But I WAS SO SO SO SO SO WRONG!

It was some reason or the other. They made a good job hauling me out of my work 3 or 4 times a day. I mean its ok if the patient was critical.. and besides ENT was never my side of medicine. It was either her husband wanted to meet up with me, or her far distant uncle had just drove 800 km just to see her and wanted a rundown on matters from me, or she had farted, or her left eye was smaller than the right, or she wasn’t in the mood for a meal… HOLY COW!!! I mean, you gotta give me a break!

I fled as soon as I could get someone to replace me. I didn’t think twice. Creeps! Why do we put up with them! And I’m making sure she’s left before I even step in that hospital again!

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Hello ppl,

Its been a long day (and another sleepless night). My fav serials have all come to the end of their seasons (Lost, Grey’s Anatomy and House MD) and they all have left me with nothing but more questions and the notion of “when will they start again?”

Funny how you those serials keep you on edge while your watching them, addicted but always stop, leaving you pondering what next… I think that’s their catch…

Anyways, I’m feeling more depressed than ever. But I have to keep my head up. All around me look up to me and that’s tough. You’re at life’s beck and call and you have to be the moral support for your family. Living in Sri Lanka makes its double hard. Wish they sold guts in vending machines… not that it would be a possibility in SL anyway..

No seriously, trying to live life here is way tough. The reasons follow:

  • Economically, life is becoming impossible! :- Bread is already becoming a luxury food, I don’t remember the last time I went to McDonalds, eating thrice a day will soon become a luxury too.
  • Socially repressed! :- There really is not much freedom to do “anything” you want anymore ‘cos somebody won’t like it and will do everything they can to stop you. If he’s a big shot – you’ll definitely end up dead floating in some swamp, if he’s not.. you’ll end up with a black eye.
  • Culturally Overwhelmed :- Oh anything and everything ends up screwing our culture! I mean its like some idiot made up the rules so that we would end fighting amongst ourselves always. In SL, its like “somethings” HAVE to be done a certain way (doesn’t matter if your poor or rich) or your not Sri Lankan anymore. This “somethings” apply to EVERYTHING!

Life is already a handful without the above aspects. But hey, nobody wants to make it easier. So they make sure its HELL for ALL. If there’s one thing a Sri Lankan hates – that’s another Sri Lankan getting all the cake or the Best part of the cake without him getting any! He just can’t stand it. So he’ll concoct some plan devious enough to make sure the guy who ate the cake dies after eating the damned cake and wished he never ate it! And the guy who ate the cake, now suffering from food poisoning would think “I’m gonna die, someone wants to kill me. I should offer this cake to my enemies!”

Over exaggerating? Nope.. Tell me if you think otherwise

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Hello my dear readers..

Sorry of course for the long pause, but that’s something I forgot to warn you about.. I will disappear again like this from time to time.. its job related.. so hope you can bear up.

Well its been 2 hell of a long weeks and I finally get that few days off! Phew.. and I come home in the wee hrs and guess what.. I can’t sleep.. I was dozing away in the bus… couldn’t keep my eyes open.. but here I am cozy in bed.. wide awake..

So i decide to update my blog…
Lately I have been thinking on the good ol’ lines of “nothing actually matters”… Please don’t think I’m that pessimist slob that get into other peoples work and don’t do anything myself..
Its just that lately I feel everything has its own way of going about things and that we merely help it or slow it down, but never completely can change its course..

Sent to a Catholic school, and forced to believe in Hell and Heaven from quite a small age, trust me this all is new to me. I was the model student in my class. The nerd. And that too in everyway. Not just studies… even life, I thought was controllable through strict discipline. Then I got packed away to med school and my whole life changed.

It was the “being away” thing… no rules… the freedom.. that got me started.

Anyway, last night I pretty much came to the conclusion that “doctors” are actually a bunch of useless people. Doctors help you with your cold, stop your diarrhea etc etc, hey but they can’t cure cancer.. they can’t stop a patient dying..
I’m not searching for the cure for eternal life.. but its just that our options are so limited. Lets face it, Animals survive quite well without doctors.
From the beginning of time, man has lived, evolved and survived. Ok they did use small bits and pieces of knowledge to help them along the way, but they were destined to die one day and so they did. You come to this world with a plan and route set out. You accomplish it and you are off stage. You are remembered by what you did or didn’t do during this time!

So then why go in search of more knowledge? All the technology has made doing one thing simple, whilst making ten other things harder.
IN the olden days, peopled walked long distances. Now we drive a car. To fill the tank of this car we work 8 hr shifts 5 times a week, 4 times a month. I bet the stress accumulated during this month is far more than walking the intended distance back and forth the whole week!

So is man’s race for technology a blessing or are we cursed?

Last week one of my patients crashed.. Dimethoate poisoning, early 30’s male. First respiratory arrest, then cardiac. We struggled with him for 2 hrs. He just wouldn’t budge. Announced him dead another 30 minutes later. Then when I took a final look at him while taking off my gloves, I realized.. Just what did we do to him.. he had tubes and wires popping out of every hole in his body.. and that too we had succeeded in artificially keeping him alive for nearly one and half hours.
Still he was meant to depart this world. Against all our efforts, he did so half an hour later.

SO was it worth it all?
Some would say he’s in a better place. Others, “oh such an untimely death” and me… I’m just loosing my faith

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Sore Life?

Life certainly has ways of letting us know that we’re living it. Once a quite ingenious friend of mine said, “I like it when some part of my body hurts…, cos I know i’m alive.. ”

Well not everyone may share his thoughts, but I for one share his idea.. the “cos i know I’m alive” part..

Anyway, as far back as I can recall, whenever I wanted something really bad…. it took years for me to get it.. I’m talking mostly about material stuff.. Well.. we do live in a material world.

What others got even without longing for, I had to wait and wait and wait. At first I thought, well its fate… then after waiting for eons.. I still have no better explanation.. other than the “fate” theory.

So many things to get.. I’m 28, and I don’t have my own car.. (that’s for starters).. (and that sucks)

But I say to myself…don’t compare myself with others… But all have to fall back on is the fate thing…

I do get most of the things I’ve wanted though.. It only that they come when I can already do without them. That’s the major sucker!

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Welcome all,

Chromosome LK, of which I suffer (and many others) is none other than my contemplations, trebulations, success’, failures and life in general in SRI LANKA documented on the web.

It’s how I see my surroundings, and how I feel about them. It’s about survival. Its about the aches and pains. Its about life as I know it.

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