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Well, there are many views to life.. You can view anything from the scientific point of view, the religious point of view, cultural point of view, and of course not to forget the Sri Lankan point of view.

As I’m sure most of my readers are well educated people, you already know a lot about each of these views. So I’ll narrate a small story from my past.

A small background info about the characters: All this didn’t happen in SL. It look place in a middle east country, 15 yrs back.

Chooty: A girl elder to me by one year. Slim body, sexy, tall, authoritative, outspoken. ( a “babe” in my eyes!)

Chinka: Chooty’s elder sister. VERY authoritative. Silent.

It was a warm summers day. It was always. Very humid. Got back from school. Had lunch. I slowly closed my door and reached out for my bag. The novel I had just borrowed from the library was on my mind all the way home. I had read almost one third in the library itself. It was about love and heroes, and sex. The sex parts, were the most intriguing for I was amazed at the authors ability to make me go on a high. This was my third novel this week…

It was sort of by instinct that I stumbled on Sex.. I mean I never knew what it was… other than male and female. I always did have a question why nun’s never got pregnant, but at that age, it was the “mystery of the year”. It was later, that I realized I had to go to the books. So I found it all out from a biology book. WOW. That was so yucky… To think this is the only way… To think kids come.. To think mum and dad… Uhggg!

Several months later, I was hooked on sex novels.. To think I derived so much out of so little… Not that I understood it all, but it was adventurous.. But I always felt the books and films were far from true.. I mean I’ve never even seen my parents kiss..

MOM: Putha, what are doing with your door closed..?
Me: Ahh.. mum, just resting..
MOM: Today Anuty R is coming. So are the girls.. Tidy up your room and go have a shower.
Me: OK mum, but a bit later ok.

Mom goes away, and I continue the novel. Aunty R was a regular visitor but neither chooty or chinka had ever been to my house. We’d exchange the “oh hi, your Sri Lankan” look at school, that’s all. But chooty was hot. She seemed very friendly. The Blue school pinafore did a super job of showing out her curves.. ahem.. literally.. she was a babe.. Oh I got to stop reading these DAMN books!

Its 7.30pm and the door bell rings

MOM: Hello R, Come in come in, Where’s M?
R: OH.. he was right here.. Did I forget him at home?
R: He’s coming.. something wrong with car I think..

M, Chooty and Chinka approach, and enter the house. Chinka gives me a hug and takes a seat. Chooty does the same.

DAD: So what will the girls have?

Meanwhile, after the drinks Chooty says to Chinka lets go to Mallie’s room! And the next thing you know.. they are on my bed.. ( HOW I wish I could show someone this!)

ME: So what you guys wanna do? Music?
Chooty: oh Im tired, let just talk.. OOH, what’s this poking me.. ( she pulls out the novel from behind the pillows) CHINKA CHINKA see what mallie is reading..

Chinka: (gigling) Naughty.. naughty.

Suddenly Mom comes in… : Girls anything to eat, drink?
CHINKA slowly hides the book : No aunty, thanks.

Mom goes away,

Chinka: you better hide this,…. (and hands me the book) and gets up and walks off..
Chooty: so.. that was close.. How many books so far?
Me (Shocked): 4.. (blushing)
Chooty: Its nothing to be ashamed of.. Don’t believe everything though.. I’m sure you noticed we have a quite different way going about things.. ( smiling)
Me: Yeah.. But.. Can I ask you some stuff?
Chooty: sure.. shoot.
Me: How different are we?
Chooty : (sigh), well its like this… as far as the physical part goes.. we do everthing they do.. only we never show it on the outside.
Chooty : DUH!
Me: Then why hide it? I mean its nothing wrong. Are they ashamed?
Chooty:NO… not ashamed.. its a culture thingie… Once you’re married you have all the right to do ‘everthing’ with your wife. Not before.
Me: ok that I understand, but why not show it on the outside?
Chooty: as I said, its the culture thingie. You’ll understand later..

So the night flew by, and we chatted and chatted and chatted. I guess I had fallen for her, head to toe. But she was unreachable. Oh how she made everything sound so easy. She was my first. Definitely. Moreover, today, I’m just really grateful for the conversation we had. She threw some light into my weirdly litted life. If ever I understood my culture, the beginning was here. Moral: We do everything others do.. just don’t show it on the outside..


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