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While many are busy practising the new carrom ball, others organising protests etc, I’m stuck with mere gossips about How to start a business in Sri lanka…

I get random ideas in my head at weird times, but this is one that stuck through.. but the complete lack of information about this darn thing really got me to give up.. almost..

The weird thing is not many, know how to “start a business in sri lanka”.. and those who do just can’t be bothered to explain it to you… [i’m referring to my so called friends]

So my plea to the SL blogosphere.. Can someone pls guide me through the the topic “stating a new buisness in lanka”

Oh and the net has no helpful info either.

While on the prowl, I did manage to pick up some bits and pieces, like the website “Registrar of Companies” etc ..

And I do have some questions :

  1. If I want to do business, do I have to register as a company?
  2. What about Sole proprietorship?
  3. How to obtain a Business Registration? and WHERE?
  4. Can I obtain a Business Registration and do business without forming a Company?
  5. How and when to deal with Tax?

I would be very obliged as you can see I severely lack understanding in this sector.. and if the questions seem stupid, well just have a harty laugh..


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