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Field Work

Hi all,

So just got home after work. This time I’ve been assigned to a gruesome 2 weeks of field-work.. yep you heard me right.. Certain doctors have to visit patients at home. This is practically unheard of in SL, but its especially important for Poison research, etc etc.

So as I head out, I’m thinking.. “hey how hard can it be… find an address.. speak with the folk.. come back home”

Well it was not to be…

I had 5 patients on the list that day. So I arrange them according to the nearest first (as I saw rain clouds approaching far away), and start off. The meeting with the first 2 patients went quite well actually, and needless to say the folk were quite surprised to see a visiting doctor.

So I set off to the 3rd Patient… No one seems to know the guy.. never heard of him.. Just when I thought this was like eating marshmellows.. I come to the conclusion that its a bogus address.

15kms later I reach the far distant village of the 4th patient on my list. As I ask around for directions, ppl seem to be puzzled. Some even start to follow me.. jeez what’s all the fuzz? Finally the answer comes in the form of a weeping mother. The patient, a 16 year old girl, had not made it. She was buried a month ago, and this day was exactly one month from her death. people had gathered for the traditional Arms giving (“danae“), and into this frying pan had I jumped with questions that I were supposed to ask the diseased. Sensing the un-easyness, I did speak with the mother alone and quickly made plans to remove myself from the place. This is because, village people bear a grudge sometimes. Due to some weird reason, if we are not able to save their beloved kin.. they think we have to pay..

So I managed to get out in one piece. Now already tired and my heart heavy for the weeping mother I set out fto meet the last patient. Turned out to be another bogus address..

Needless to say I was worn out when I returned..

This job has its ups and downs, and many a time I have wondered why I keep up with it.. I mean, sometimes you wish you could turn certain things around, only to face a whole lot more crap from another side..


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