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Palm reading

This is one of my weirdest abilities. I had given it up, honestly because it had become tooooo troublesome. I never “learned” to read palms, honest. I just could. I could look at a palm of someone [previously unknown to me] and just babble away things he/she would only know or been their deep life secrets.

I never took this seriously, and thought it pretty much a fluke each time. I thought it was all jokes, and I even invented stupid rules to keep people at bay, until one day I realized that some people believed in this stuff. SO whatever I may have been babbling may have affected their life, or caused them to alter…. that was bad.. I mean it was never intentional…

That’s the shitty part of having insight into anything. You know the feeling when your good at something, your sooo good, that you feel helpless that you can’t help somebody, because ultimately there’s nothing you can do….


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