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Sore Life?

Life certainly has ways of letting us know that we’re living it. Once a quite ingenious friend of mine said, “I like it when some part of my body hurts…, cos I know i’m alive.. ”

Well not everyone may share his thoughts, but I for one share his idea.. the “cos i know I’m alive” part..

Anyway, as far back as I can recall, whenever I wanted something really bad…. it took years for me to get it.. I’m talking mostly about material stuff.. Well.. we do live in a material world.

What others got even without longing for, I had to wait and wait and wait. At first I thought, well its fate… then after waiting for eons.. I still have no better explanation.. other than the “fate” theory.

So many things to get.. I’m 28, and I don’t have my own car.. (that’s for starters).. (and that sucks)

But I say to myself…don’t compare myself with others… But all have to fall back on is the fate thing…

I do get most of the things I’ve wanted though.. It only that they come when I can already do without them. That’s the major sucker!


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