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Well, I know many share this same feeling with me… Some just continue with their miserable lives ‘cos they haven’t seen any better… so its a blessing for them I guess, while for the people who have seen and experienced life in other continents.. Sri Lanka IS HELL!

Hey, I’m patriotic, and don’t anybody say otherwise, but there is that limit that even patriotism can’t subdue! “A Paradise like no other” seems quite ironical now, doesn’t it!

I mean other countries have gone through severe reformation and revolution one after the other, faced world wars and still manage to maintain a descent civilized social and economical balance for its people to thrive in…

We had no major revolutions nor had we faced the World wars to its full extent, and we barely fought for our freedom in comparison with our neighbours… so everything just got served up in a silver platter..

However the fuel for the MIG’s (i’m not going to talk about how those MIG’s got to SL, simply cos no one knows) and the big (family) crowd at the parliament living off a luxury life… seems to be making rather large dents in many a persons purse.

SO.. Work your butt off… Slave at work. WALK TO WORK, ‘cos unless they invent cars that run on urine, you can’t afford to buy Petrol. Start growing manioc in your back yards. You can’t afford to buy bread. Start raising cattle, milk is not for our budgets either.

For a country that’s supposed to follow the Metta (maithri – friendship), Muditha (sence of appreciation), Karuna (compassion) and Upeksha (equanimity in the face of the fluctuations of worldly fortune), I think we have FAILED!


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