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I guess I’m not a great blogger, but I have my reasons… Legitimate ones at that. However, there are just somethings you have to let out, but no one around you is interested in (or has the time for it) anymore. So then i turn to this blog.

I’ve learned a lot from experience than from books, though my profession deals a lot with harbouring knowledge taken from books. Yet nothing makes me a better worker than handling a situation hard on, than reading about it or taking notes. This exposes me to the vulnarability of luck, and in the dark moments of “I haven’t seen / done this before” I assume the best for my patients, adhering to protocol (rules) and hoping for the best.

This includes a lot of headaches, and more fire than glory. So why put up with it? Well, it all comes down to what your made off.. how you’re wired.. and what you can put up with.

Nobility at work is one virtue I look out for in anyone. It’s comforting to know that that person behind the desk, or at any form of service to others does it not because of the pay, but to do a service and do it good. To be noble at work is to take pride in what you do, and to do it with confidence. It does not incur that we have to be flawless at work. Being human means to falter somewhere or the other. It’s inevitable. Yet, realizing your error and taking measures not to repeat it, and oversee such similar errors in the making is the most integral part of being noble at work.

It’s with all this in the back of my head, that I stumbled upon a film on TV. “The Guardian” was the name and it’s all what I have said above.


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