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Hello ppl,

Its been a long day (and another sleepless night). My fav serials have all come to the end of their seasons (Lost, Grey’s Anatomy and House MD) and they all have left me with nothing but more questions and the notion of “when will they start again?”

Funny how you those serials keep you on edge while your watching them, addicted but always stop, leaving you pondering what next… I think that’s their catch…

Anyways, I’m feeling more depressed than ever. But I have to keep my head up. All around me look up to me and that’s tough. You’re at life’s beck and call and you have to be the moral support for your family. Living in Sri Lanka makes its double hard. Wish they sold guts in vending machines… not that it would be a possibility in SL anyway..

No seriously, trying to live life here is way tough. The reasons follow:

  • Economically, life is becoming impossible! :- Bread is already becoming a luxury food, I don’t remember the last time I went to McDonalds, eating thrice a day will soon become a luxury too.
  • Socially repressed! :- There really is not much freedom to do “anything” you want anymore ‘cos somebody won’t like it and will do everything they can to stop you. If he’s a big shot – you’ll definitely end up dead floating in some swamp, if he’s not.. you’ll end up with a black eye.
  • Culturally Overwhelmed :- Oh anything and everything ends up screwing our culture! I mean its like some idiot made up the rules so that we would end fighting amongst ourselves always. In SL, its like “somethings” HAVE to be done a certain way (doesn’t matter if your poor or rich) or your not Sri Lankan anymore. This “somethings” apply to EVERYTHING!

Life is already a handful without the above aspects. But hey, nobody wants to make it easier. So they make sure its HELL for ALL. If there’s one thing a Sri Lankan hates – that’s another Sri Lankan getting all the cake or the Best part of the cake without him getting any! He just can’t stand it. So he’ll concoct some plan devious enough to make sure the guy who ate the cake dies after eating the damned cake and wished he never ate it! And the guy who ate the cake, now suffering from food poisoning would think “I’m gonna die, someone wants to kill me. I should offer this cake to my enemies!”

Over exaggerating? Nope.. Tell me if you think otherwise


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