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I know the Cricket world cup is over.. but I felt it wasn’t over till I said what’s on my mind.. I mean I don’t know about you folks not in SL at the moment, but the tension, the fear, the excitement (not mine..obviously) was astounding!!

I like cricket (pls note how I refrained using the word “love”). I truly do. Its a nice game that has tact, luck and challenge all bundled up together. Some matches are THE BORE of the ear, but some do keep you on the edge of the seat.

But what makes us (SRI LANKAN CRICKET FANS) soooo different from others..

Well obviously no body got a heart attack after we lost a match or two.. (well none was reported at least), no one tried to fry the cricketers houses and family for not bringing home the cup…, no one cared about the newly adapted “drop home made bombs from our kinky plane” the LTTE was carrying out., and wait till you hear this… the local cafeteria lady promised us all free lunches if SL won the finals!!!

Where in the world can you find such deep enthusiasm… such passion.. Oh and this is great.. Just before the match ITN, the other really old channel was showing a program where they encouraged all the people island wide to light a candle or a lamp, in hope of victory…

Don’t get me wrong… but I’m a libra.. and as my scales wobble.. i nearly gagged when i saw that last bit about “lighting a candle for victory”.. Its not the lightning a candle part either.. it has some deep roots which lead to the Buddhist philosopy of “Chethana”. But all this for a cricket game? I would have understood if they asked this for the staving people in Jaffna.. (The only remedy for starvation is FOOD, but lighting a candle for their suffering justifies my logic).

I mean, for crying out loud… ITS ONLY ANOTHER FREAKING GAME…

This whole cricket frenzy was planned way ahead by the media.. They basically turn anything into a fiasco these days. They organized and then made sure they televised personnel interviews with the players, religious ceremonies for the team, press conferences, then the there was the “let all the athletes and tv stars congratulate the team by phone” hype..

All this for what? A match that was delayed due to rain, overs limited to below 30, a soggy ground and rain when SL was batting.. SOUNDS LIKE A COMPLETE WASH OUT TO ME.. (that’s me imitating Gregory House from House M.D.)

Bottom line: This is a outline of Sri Lankanism because… we really forget what our priorities are. Cricket is a great sport and all, but there are so many things ALREADY neglected. If everything was picture perfect, then I’m wrong.. Never should we act like some people do in certain countries and threaten or harm the players, burn effigies, etc.. BUT to do what is due for what is worth is not on everybody’s mind in SL. All they want is funky magic.. The world cup won, the war settled, the rupee higher than the dollar.

And some idiots make posters like this.. OH THE NERVE… Some duffus thinks by emphasizing the ethnicity and religion of our cricket players, he can get amnesty to lay off, settle the war and freaking get laid???

I’m mean just look at the ad.. its basically instigating at the emphasis of ethnicity.. If ethnicity is to be truly undermined, people should loose the idea that someone is tamil, some moor and someone else is sinhala.. Between countries its different.. But as one one country.. why sub divide..

But then again Sri Lankanism… only from the “land like no other”


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