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Followed up Indi’s lead about this film

This is one of the BEST films I have ever seen on lines of ‘American Beauty’ several years ago. But this film is SO GRAPHIC, and the acting of Ben Whishaw, how he shows us his reactions and feelings for each smell…

Some consider the ending not so fitting, but I guess he had his moment of glory, and all through the film, his modesty, innocence, humbleness are virtues that highlight this movie.

This film is definately for the senses, unluckily media has no way of propagating smell, otherwise this film would have been well… a disaster worldwide… 😉 [you’ll know what I mean if you watch the film]

Plus: This film is exactly what I was talking about in my previous post:

That’s the shitty part of having insight into anything. You know the feeling when your good at something, your sooo good, that you feel helpless that you can’t help somebody, because ultimately there’s nothing you can do….


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Check this Beer ad!

Heineken beer tastes yucky, but this commercial is good.

Sorry unable to embed this video here, so u’ll have to follow the link :


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I get a review..

I mean this has to be the coolest thing.. I get a review… and its actually good.. well sort if .. I think…

Judge for your self at Sum.na.

First Drugs, Then Sex then what? huh…? I sure am onto you ain’t I ?


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