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I have been judging the following debate / court session between my good side (stern and harsh as ever) and bad side (sexy and soft spoken) for over 5 years now.

My Good Side (MGS) : You got this far, only to leave your country in its most desperate time of need? Aren’t you ashamed? You trained to save ppl, but now you want to migrate? Abandon your birthright? COWARD!

My Bad Side (MBS) : Well honey, it isn’t like you make a lot of money in this country…. hmm… You did spend and awful lot while you were ahem… training to save ppl.

MGS : Objection

Me ( really Me, the judge) : Overuled, However MBS be advised that money isn’t everything!


MGS : I also wish to add that if you were to migrate you would always have that feeling back in your head, lingering… the feeling that you don’t belong there.. that your roots are here in SL

MBS : Oh darling, thats so true…. until of course you take a bus and get blown to pieces… Talk about uprooting!

MGS : Yes, there is unrest in your country, and that’s all the more reason for you to serve your ppl..

MBS : is that why he gets treated like a rag… I mean I know of idiots who make twice his salary, and all they do is type!

MGS : Your honour, I thought MBS was advised about the monetary issue!

ME : (snoring).. what.. oh yes.. yes

MBS : Darling, all i’m saying is why should you work all your life where your not appreciated. Where you’ll only slave for money, where you’ll only have dreams, but never fullfil them.

MGS : What’s wrong with a bit of hard work.. Everybody wants everthing instantly these days. Instant coffee, instant money!

MBS : Well darling, nothing has to be instant…. i kinda was hoping it would linger for a while (slowly licking her finger, and winking with a sheepish smile)


ME : MBS shall not lick her fingers in court!


So back to reality,

I hope you understood that I have been going crazy to endure this for nearly 5 years. Anyone who has gone through my blog will have understood the following: I’m poorly paid, I treat ppl for a living, I’ve have my share of weird encounters, and i’m poortly paid, and that I hate the current system of organisation in this country!

So far I’ve realized this. I can’t make a dent in the system. Only I’ll get myself fried. Then I’ll have to beg on the streets. Medicine is quite aristocratic in SL. Then again, just who am I. There must be hundreds of ppl who can’t change anything but are forced to live and play along.

The past few months have brought some new headaches into the household, with prices for life necessities rising sky high. Not a matter for the High class, but a certainly sure “punch in the stomach” for the middle and low class!

So with all this happening, migrating to australia was an option. I never gave a ruling in my imaginary court sessions, because both sides were true. I fely guilty wanting to migrate, but anyone can see where this country is headed, and its either jump ship now or die with it. I do want a good environment for my family. A place to ean money for my knowledge’s worth. Friends and relatives both confirm that Australia is the place to be.

So one day suddenly I came to a conclusion. I’ll give it a try. If I fail, no regrets. I continue my work here. If not then Australia it is.

So i’ve gone a long way and am waiting for a desicion from the Embassy. lets give Fate a chance, shal we?

PS : Migrating as a doctor to Australia should be anyone’s last option. Getting to know the process of migration and the net outcomes have cost me nearly 3 months and lot more nerves. More people with other professions are easily granted visas and are at a better chance of survival. However, with a little luck shinning my way I have decided to not to give up.


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