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Well thought I just drop in on my blog again.. Been reading other blogs though and after reading Darwin’s post about Fasting, I had to write this out in my blog.

It all happened a week ago, the weather seemed uncertain… it looked like it may rain, but then… nothing can be for certain. I was sitting in the A/C room away from the hussle and bussle of the ward.. This was luxury, trust me.. and then it rings..

Phone: riiiiiiiing ring ring, riiiiiiiing ring ring ….

Me: (murmuring to myself) Damn,… (Hoping the incoming call isn’t for me)

Guy on the phone: Come quick… you have to see THIS!

Me: Oh c’mon its my resting half an hour…!

Guy on the phone: No I’m serious YOU have to see this!

Me: Pls… give me a break.. and I’ve seen it all (so I thought)

Guy on the phone: Trust me man.. if you don’t see this, you’ll regret it!

Me: (SIGH, slam the phone and get up cursing) WHY ME!!

I return to the ward and see there is a new admission. The patient is in obvious pain. Huge stomach, breathing heavily, sweating. If this wasn’t a guy I might have thought he was giving birth!

Me to my Friend: Is this guy giving birth?

Friend (Previously the Guy on the phone): Man, just ask him what he did!

Me: He’s in too much of pain… you tell me.

Friend: Hmm.. ok.. sit down… Well according to his family, he was fasting… that’s according to his parents. But his first wife says he had breakfast as he said his doctor advised him not to fast due to gastric ulcers..

Me: ok… so?

Friend: Then it seems he has said the same story to his second wife for lunch..

Me: hmm…

Friend: Wait it gets better… Then he returned to his first wife’s house for an afternoon snack and then came to his parents house to break fast… and here he is..He also had a SUPER breakfast at his parents house before apparently starting to fast…

Me: ok.. so what’s the problem?

Friend: Well apparently it’s all undigested and STUCK.. not coming out from either way!

Me: Huuh? (eyes blinking)

Friend: Yep… so should I pack him off to the surgery ward? Laparatomy perhaps?

Me: (Cursing to myself again): Try Ipecac! If it doesn’t work I speak to the surgery ward myself!

This isn’t a tale made up, nor thickened for anyone’s amusement. Ipecac is a liquid which when swallowed induces vomiting.. Seriously how can one be a traitor to oneself so much. We successfully managed the patient. After Ipecac he vomited every thing.. and believe me it wasn’t pleasant.. cos barely was any food digested.. Seeing vomit is ok.. I’m used to it.. but to see someone throw up food that we readily eat was disturbing.. trust me.

After retching for another hour or so.. he is allowed back to his relatives.. and guess what they start to do.. They start consoling him and slowly the bags starts rustling… yep… its eating time again….


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